Clinics We Offer

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Antenatal Clinics with the Midwife

Maternity services are available from doctors and midwives.

You will be asked to come to the surgery for an 8-week post-natal check.

Adult and Childhood Immunisations

It is important that your children and yourself are immunised and you may arrange an appointment with the practice nurse at your convenience.

See the Recommend Vaccination Schedule for more details.

Chlamydia Screening

We now offer routine chlamydia screening for patients 15 - 24 years old. Please contact the Nurse Practitioner for more information.

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Chronic Disease Management

Our nurses offer checkups of chronic disease including:

  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Coronary Heart Disease
  • COPD
  • Hypertension 

These are intended to keep our patients at their peak fitness. Our specialist nurses teach you about your condition and check that you are getting the best from your prescribed medication.



Support and advice is available for the following patients:

  • diabetics
  • obesity sufferers
  • those who are underweight
  • children with feeding problems
  • allergy sufferers
  • those with high cholesterol

Ask your doctor to refer you.

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Family Planning

Family planning services and advice is given during normal surgeries. Our nurse practitioners and practice nurses are available to give advice. Cervical smear tests are taken by the nurse by appointment only.

Minor Surgery

Minor surgery is offered to patients with warts, moles, cysts or skin tags. Joint injections are also available.  Please ask your GP or Nurse Practitioner to refer you if appropriate to our in-house clinic for either Dr Hameed or Michelle.


Clinics are held for back care advice, joint mobilisation, acupuncture and general advice and exercise. Your doctor or nurse practitioner can refer you if appropriate.

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We run a podiatry clinic on site. You can be referred by either your doctor or one of our nurses.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

If you prefer, these can be treated in James Cook University Hospital by a trained specialist, who will also give advice. Please telephone 854548 for an appointment. Treatment and advice is given in strict confidence.

Treatment Room

Our practice nurses undertake dressings, remove stitches, syringe ears, take blood samples, carry out ECGs and cervical smears, give childhood and travel vaccinations and run various health clinics.

Well Person / Over 75 Health Check

Simple checks and tests can often identify preventable health problems. The clinic will check your general fitness and give advice on staying healthy. You will also be given advice on preventing heart disease.